PreSchool Program

HeartWorks’ five-star preschool daycare for 1 to 5 year olds, Safe Start Academy, welcomes all children – those who are typically developing, those with special needs, and those who are exceptional. Through programming designed for each individual child, our highly educated teachers help every child learn and play at his or her own pace. Our remarkably low teacher-to-child ratio ensures that all our children receive the personal attention that they deserve.

Safe Start Academy strives to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate programming for each child in our care. Our teachers encourage each child to solve problems, ask questions, find answers, explore interesting materials, and develop curiosity. Safe Start Academy follows a play-oriented curriculum that promotes the development of self-esteem by engaging in positive guidance techniques and by showing respect for each child.

For information on our Safe Start Academy, please call 252-671-2302.